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Mima(Touhou) in SFxT

"Everything dies, even you."
1st Costume

-Mima's Intro Quote

Forgotten Spirit!

Bio: A spirit that was long ago feared in another world, Mima is a very egocentric ghost that hates humanity. However, she has been known to "help" humans in the past. Recently, she has heard of a powerful object that landed in the Antarctica that causes humans to go beserk. Interested, she decided to find this "Pandora" and use it for her own nefarious plans.

Intro: Darkness appears in the air, before combining and forming Mima.

Special Moves:

QCF+Punch Button: Magi-Hadoken: She throw out a magic-charged Hadoken. /A little stronger than a normal Hadoken, LP is fastest, MP is slower, and LP is slowest, but does more damage. /EX: fast as LP, but strong as HP and it causes a wall-bounce.

QCF+Kick Button: Double Strike: Mima kicks the opponent before hitting them with her staff. /The button inputed changes what she'll do with the staff: LK=She spins it in a sideway helicopter motion. MK=She swipes it upward in a spinning uppercut motion. HK=She swings it downward. /EX: She swings it sideways, then upward, then smashes it downward, causes a ground-bounce.

QCB+Punch Button: Headbutt: She headbutts the opponent. /Primary used in the middle of combos.

QCB+Kick Button: Staff Pound: She uses her staff to grab the opponent. If it connects, she smacks them with her hand before using her staff to slam them down to the ground. /Command grab.

DP+Punch Button: Dark Fesitival: Mima does a Shoryuken-like attack that ends with her slamming them down with her feet.

DP+Kick Button: Forgotten Medley: Mima kicks the opponent into the air, she then procedes to kick them repeatedly in the air(Think of Sonya's Inverted Bicycle Kick) before landing. /LK=two kicks in the air. MK=three kicks in the air. LK=four kicks in the air. /EX: She does a donkey kick on the ground, kicks them eight times in the air, grabs them with her staff, and slams them down with it.(NOTE:This causes a ground-bounce.)


Throw 1(LP Throw): Mima smacks them with her hands five times, before using both hands to smash down on them.

Throw 2(LK Throw): She trips the opponent with her staff, kicks them, then boots them away.

Super Art: Forbidden Dance: "*Laughs*" Mima jabs with her staff 7 times, the last sending them upward, she then fires out three electric blasts, then a HUGE fire blast.

Cross Art: Combo Spark: "Let's end this!" Mima punches the opponent three times, then kicks them four times(The last one sending them into the air) before firing a Master Spark at point-blank range.

NOTE: I know the game is not out yet, but I want to do something new.

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