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Street Fighter X Tekken - Dan/Ingrid by ~Acenitro

Ingrid & Dan Hibiki: Team Pandora

Street Fighter X Tekken: Team DLC Designs

Team Story:

Dan was accordingly killed in a fight by Kazuya, who was going to try and challenge Ryu. Dan was, however, not killed, but his soul was saved by Ingrid, a girl who claims to be closely associated with the creation of Pandora. Dan awakens to find himself on a train, the same young girl who appeared in what believed was "just a dream" sitting next to him.She told him that she accidently sent Pandora to earth need his help to get it back.Dan agreed to help her and they started their journey to South Pole.

Dan Hibiki Moveset:

Special Moves:

Gadoken (Qcf + Punch)

Koryuken (Dp + Punch)

Danku Kyaku (Qcb + Kick)

Super Art:

Hisshou Buraiken (Qcf x2 + Triple Kick)

Legendary Taunt (Qcf x2 + Taunt)

Cross Art:

Dan will do a small Punch and Kick combo, doing taunts in between, then grabbing the opponent by the arm and kicking and throwing them to the opponent for them to do their super Art.

Entrance Line (When Not with Ingrid)

"Alright! Let's go! I'll show you the power of the Saikyo Arts!"

Round Victory Lines:

  1. 1 "Whoooo!!~ My time has definitely come!"
  1. 2: "*Sniff* Father…did I make you proud?"

Fight Victory:

"Saikyo!!~ The Number One Fighting Style in the WORLD!!"

Ingrid Moves List:

Special Moves:

Sunshot (Qcf + Punch)

Sunrise (Qcf + Kick)

Sun Arch (Dp + Kick)

Sun Upper (Qcb + Punch)

Sun Lower (Qcb + Kick)

Sundive (Qcb + Kick In the Air)

Super Art:

Sunshine (Qcb x2 + Triple Kick)

Cross Art:

Ingrid will do her Sunrise spin into the opponent quickly then spin behind them and blow the opponent toward her partner using a Sun Shot so that they can use their Super Art.

Entrance Line: (When not with Dan)

"Allow me to show you the Shining power of the Sun."

Round Victory Lines:

  1. 1: "May the sun shine brightly upon you…"
  1. 2: "Please…do not fear the light."

Fight Victory:

"I will never forget you, I hope you feel the same…""

Ingrid and Dan Lines:

Team Entrance:

Dan: (Leaps onto the Screen and roles into his place) Alriiight! Let's do this!

Ingrid: (Walking onto the screen casually) My my…must you always be so loud? It's quite bothersome.

Dan: (Ignoring Ingrid, still in his fighting stance) Saikyo Arts powers are a GO! Whoohaa!!~

Ingrid: Are…are you even listening to me? *Sigh* I guess not…(Getting into her stance behind him)

Rival Battle Scene:

Dan and Ingrid vs. Paul and Law

Location: Mishima Estate

(Dan and Ingrid walk along the pathway casually, unknown that they're being followed by someone)

Dan: Hold on…I sense something…

Ingrid: Hmmmm? Sense what?

Dan: Sssshhh…my Saikyo senses are tingling…

(As Dan speaks, Paul and Law leap up from out of nowhere, blocking Dan and Ingrid's path)

Paul: Hold it right there! This place is officially off-limits!

Ingrid: What? An ambush? You've got to be kidding me!

Dan: Ha ha! (Walking up to Paul and looking him in the face) Is this how you spend your time? Ambushing poor defenseless young ladies like her?

Ingrid: Defenseless? (Dumbfounded)

Law: We'll let you through…but only after you pay…

Paul: And if you've got a problem with that…

Paul & Law: (Both pose and speak at the same time) Then prepare to fight!

Dan: Hah! Do you think amateurs like you can handle the power of the Saikyo Arts? *Sniff* (Turns around, tears in his eyes) I'll make you proud father!!~ Just you watch!

Ingrid: What did I ever see in him? (To herself)

Victory Lines:

Fight #1:

Dan: And THAT'S what I like to call a total Saikyo arts beatdown!

Ingrid: You do realize that I did most of the work didn't you?

Dan: What're you talking about? I'm not one to rely on others that much! Leave the majority of the fighting to me alright? We'll find Pandora! I promise!

Ingrid: Hmmhmm, well…at least your determination is something to admire…

Fight #2:

Dan: These guys don't ever stop coming do they? Wow…talk about a total pain in the ass!

Ingrid: If the fighters are getting stronger, we must be getting closer to Pandora. What were they thinking sending it here? It's not right…

Dan: Huh? You say something?

Ingrid: No…nothing at all. Let's keep going.

Fight #3:

Dan: *Pant* *Pant* That was a tough one…bairly one that…

Ingrid: I'm still full of energy. Do you just tire easily?

Dan: O-Of course not! I just…er…used a lot of power in that last attack is all!

Ingrid: If you say so…

Dan: Enough about that though…Pandora's still out there!

Ingrid: Right…

Fight #4:

Dan: Dammit…I need to take a break after that one…

Ingrid: Oh my lord…you're weaker than I thought!

Dan: So my stamina isn't the best? So what?

Ingrid: It's just that…wait…

Dan: What is it?

Ingrid: We're not alone…

Fight #5 (Rival Battle)

Dan: Is….is that all that you've really got?

Ingrid: Oh no…

Dan: What's up?

Ingrid: Pandora's power…I can feel it growing. We're very close Dan…we need to move quickly!

Fight #6 (Jin and Xiaoyu Sub-Boss)

Ingrid: So this is the power that's Pandora been doing…

Dan: Talk about completely weird! They completely changed color!

Ingrid: Pandora must be right up ahead…wait…what is this…power?

Dan: Damn! I feel that too! There's someone already here!

Fight #7: (Ogre Boss Battle)

Dan: Holy Crap! Did you see that thing?! It was green! Was that an alien?!?!

Ingrid: So this is your technology used to its fullest hmmm? Your kind will never learn…

Dan: What're you saying now?

Ingrid: ……

Team Ending Dialogue:

Pandora will slowly open up and light will shine up into the sky, Dan running up to the box.

Dan: Alright! I, Dan Hibiki! Have gotten the power of Pandora! I've done the Saikyo Arts proud! I hope you're proud of me father…up there…

Ingrid: (Walking up to the box and putting her hands on the box) ……

Dan: What? What're you doing now?

Ingrid: ……I advise that you back up…

Dan: What? Why?

Ingrid: I'm going to return this abomination back to where it once came…

The box started to now glow a yellow color instead of its usual blue, it beginning to float up into the air. Ingrid's body then began being encased in a golden veil of light.

Dan: (Falling down onto the ground and scurrying back) Wh-What?! What the hell are you lady?! What about my Saikyo Fame?!

Ingrid: (Looks down at Dan, smiling) Thank you…Dan Hibiki…for accompanying me on this journey. I'll never forget you…

Dan: Ingrid…

Ingrid: Goodbye……

Ingrid and the box then disappeared into the sky, the yellow light disappearing as she left. Dan Hibiki then picked himself up off of the ground, noticing something that had been left behind when Ingrid left. It was a picture, a picture of Dan and his father, something being written on it stating "I'm proud of you my son…go make the Saikyo arts a legend around the world". A tear comes to Dan's eye as he reads, then looking up to the stars as the screen will fade out and the credits start to play.