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Ryu shinku hadoken.jpg
Shinku Hadoken
User Ryu, Toro
Input Qcf.png + Punch x3.png
Hits 5
Damage 300
Properties Projectile
Super Charge Hadoken
"Shinku... Hadoken!!!"

Shinku Hadoken is Ryu's main super art from all of his game appearances. The move itself is a large, multi-hitting Hadoken (the maximum usually being 5 hits) which transverses the whole stage, but it is also often easily jumped over. The Shinku Hadouken has a property that lets it break through any projectile, such as a regular Hadouken or a Tiger Shot, which usually catches foes by surprise.

Since he mimics Ryu's fighting style, Toro also uses this move as his Super Art. Toro's version of this Super is almost the same, the only differences are that his version is smaller, and he starts dancing after doing it, leaving him vulnerable to attacks. However, Toro's Shinku Hadoken is a bit stronger and is a bit faster than Ryu's (but the difference is minimal).


  • The move can easily be used for a combo by landing a standard Hadouken, and then performing the Shinku Hadouken.


  • This attack has been one of Ryu's super attacks in every one of his fighting game appearances that have super attacks.

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