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Shadaloo is a biochemichal drugs and arms ring organization featured in the Street Fighter series. Shadoloo first apperared in Street Fighter ll, initially listed as a mysterious crime organization. The game's literature mentioned little more then some of Shadaloo's ranks. Led by M. Bison, Shadaloo 's base in Thailand ( appearing to be vaguely near Bangkok) played host to the second world warrior tourament.

Street Fighter Alpha series

Shadaloo's motives, capabilities, and scope were much further revealed, the crime organization appeared to be paramilitary , with very powerful capabilities. Shadaloo bases were identified in Thailand and Brazil that seemed to contain technology and weapons sufficiently advanced to rival that of a nation. Bison had control of a very large VTOL (vertical take-off landing) jet and employed scientists to experiments, mind-control rays, satellites, powerful weaponry, large-scale attack robots, and the Psycho Drive. At the end of the Alpha series, plots showed the downfall of Shadaloo bases in Brazil, and a great weakening of Bison.

Street Fighter ll series

Shadaloo would continue to have a large presence during the second World Warrior Tournament to lure out Ryu in order to gain his power, resulted in the destruction of Bison by the Hands of Akuma. Many of the characters had motivated to destroy Shadaloo, such as Cammy, Chun-Li, T.Hawk and Guile to take doen Bison and Shadaloo. After his fall, Balrog sought to replace him as the head of Shadaloo, but due to his horribly inadequate for the leadership of such a vast company. Chun-Li was able to systematically shut down Shadaloo operations to the point of its total collapse.

Street Fighter IV series

The remaining smygglers of Shadaloo were transferred to S.I.N. under the management of Seth to work behind the scenes on a new project called the BLECE project. However, the Scientists had also worked on a body for Bison.

Street Fighter lll series

It is revealed by Urien that Shadaloo has fallen, though how exactly is unclear.

Members of Shadaloo

M. Bison (C.E.O)

Vega (Assassin)

Balrog (Boxer/Enforcer)

Sagat (Former bodyguard before the events of Street Fighter ll)