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Blossoming Flower
Full Name Sakura Kasugano
Birthdate March 15
Nationality Japanese
Gender Female
Race Human
Relationships Ryu (sensei/friend)
Karin (rival/friend)
Dan (sensei/friend)
Blanka (friend)
Fighting Style Self-taught imitation of Ansatsuken
Occupation High School Student
Debut Street Fighter Alpha 2
Vitality ???
Tag Partner Blanka
"'Kay! Let's go!"

Sakura is a character from Capcom's Street Fighter series who appears as a DLC character in Street Fighter X Tekken.


A high school girl who began to street fight after meeting Ryu. Her fighting style as well as her clothing -- complete with headband -- also matches that of Ryu. She never forgets to train every day and always puts forth her best effort in everything.


Sakura wears a school uniform, a skirted sailor Fukuoka (seifuku) with the color popped and red bloomers underneath. She also wears red top under her uniform, red boxing gloves and a yellow bola tie. She ever wears a white headband.


Sakura is a very outgoing, respectful person, as she is most of the time happy, energetic, cheerful, positve, hard-working and focused in combat, she has a nobile spirit and a very determined attitude, either in studies or in martial arts, she follows the philosophies of a warrior in battle, despite the fact that her Ansatsuken skills are somewhat rustic in comparison to Ryu, Ken, Akuma and Gouken, she manages to balance her school work with het training in hopes of getting stronger and prove herself by fighting worthy adversaries in a clean match, Sakura is very patient and a very discipline warrior. She is the embodiment of innocence and is often acknowledged by many fighters to have great potential.


Street Fighter Alpha 2[]

Sakura had begun to participate in street fighting after watching Ryu win the first World Warrior tournament. She was searching for him, and wished for him to train her in hopes of becoming a better fighter. She met up with him, not knowing that he was still fighting off the Satsui no Hadou and seeking vengence on Akuma for murdering his master. He told her that he could not train her as his student, and even stated that too is learning himself, as he begin to leave, she took a picture of him to remember him by.

Street Fighter Alpha 3[]

She was still fighting and training to better herself, and with her parents permission, she decided to travel the world to find and meet Ryu once again She started off in Japan, only to find his friend,E.Honda, a famous sumo wrestler all over Japan, as they talked, he mentioned that Ryu was going to India and Thailand. She also ran into her school rival Karin Kanzuki, even though Karin won the fight, she was shocked to see how Sakura is so much stronger, she even admitted that Sakura was the much better fighter and had.learned that wining is not the importance of afrom battle, She even met up with Dan and Blanka, together they all looked for Ryu, they found him fighting Bison, as he was trying to control his mind with his Psycho Power, Ryu was able to break free of it with his Satsui no Hadou and forced Bison to retreat back to his base. He tells friends and rivals that he still has a long way to go before he can ever hope to become a master, he then walked off to continue his training.

Street Fighter IV[]

Sakura, along with Dan and Blanka, are all looking for Ryu, she has also became good friends with Karin at some before the Second World Warrior tournament that was hosted by Bison, as she texts Sakura's on her cellphone to update her about, she eventually found him, but due to the Satsui no Hadou responding to the B.L.E.A.C.H weapon that was made by S.I.N. The energy hit her through the wall, and she was infected with the Satsui no Hadou, Ryu destroyed the weapon from spreading any further to other fighters outside of the S.I.N. tournament. As he carried her back to the ship that was sailing back to Japan, Dan and Blanka waiting for her, she said goodbye to Ryu, and they would meet again. One day, an older version of Sakura runs into Ryu again, what happens after this is currently unknown.



Move Name Input
Sailor Shot Right.png or N + L punch.png L kick.png
Choba Throw Left.png + L punch.png L kick.png
Flower Kick Right.png + M kick.png
Hadoken Qcf.png + Punch.png EX.png
Hold Punch.png to change effect
Shouoken S.png + Punch.png EX.png
Sakura Otoshi S.png + Kick.png EX.png
Press Punch.png up to 3 times for followup
Shunpukyaku Qcb.png + Kick.png EX.png SC.png
Airborne Shunpukyaku In air Qcb.png + Kick.png EX.png
Shunpukyaku Qcb.png + Kick.png EX.png SC.png
Haru Ranman Qcb.png + Kick x3.png


  • Sakura share some similarities with Ling Xiaoyu, namely in their attraction to the main characters (i.e. Ryu and Jin). They are also the first "schoolgirl" characters in their respective series.
  • Asuka Kazama is also similar and often compared to Sakura (and vice-versa) by fans, Sakura has also Asuka's school outfit as her Swap Costume.

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