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Rufus sfxt.jpg
Graceful Heavyweight
Full Name Rufus
Birthdate July 30
Nationality American
Gender Male
Race Human
Relationships Candy (Girlfriend)
Ken Masters (Rival)
Fighting Style Self taught mixed Kung Fu
Occupation Custom Bike Builder
Debut Street Fighter IV
Vitality 1,000
Tag Partner Zangief
"My fists'll give ya amnesia!"

Rufus is an obese American character from Capcom's Street Fighter series who made his first appearance in Street Fighter IV.


An American fighter who toys with his opponents with a body that moves with unimaginable speed. He is so infatuated with himself that he even ignores his opponents during a match while heaping nothing but praise on himself. He views Ken Masters as his bitter rival, but constantly mistakes anyone wearing a karate gi or sporting blonde hair as Ken, and often gets into unnecessary fights.

In Street Fighter X Tekken, Zangief contacts Rufus and the two of them decide to secure the mysterious "box" for themselves.


Rufus is a loudmouthed master of Kung-Fu, hailing from the U.S. Believing himself to be the strongest in America, he develops a personal hatred for Ken Masters, who carries that title officially.He declares himself America's Greatest Fighter (as well as the best-looking) and considers Ken to be his true rival. Rufus fights to prove he is better than Ken Masters, though he frequently mistakes other fighters for Ken.



Rufus met his girlfriend Candy by beating up a waiter who was chasing her. Rufus first became interested in martial arts after seeing an abundance of kung-fu flicks in his youth; this prompted him to take correspondence courses. Rufus managed to create his own style of kung-fu from years of studying various kung-fu books and movies. He also spent many years studying in China, reinforcing what he had taught himself.

Street Fighter IV[]

After reading an article praising Ken's status as America's best fighter, Rufus is, naturally, insulted. Candy suggests that he defeat Ken in front of an audience. Rufus eventually finds the tournament and Ken, challenging him to a fight, although the result are unknown. After the tournament, Rufus and Candy zoom past Ken and Ryu in the wasteland, stopping briefly for an insult. Soon Rufus's motorcycle run out of gas, and he has to push it. Ken rolls up to him in his stylish SUV with Candy's hat, offering a tow. Rufus proudly turns the offer down, stating that the pushing was part of his training. Ken shrugs it off and drives away. Candy offers to help push, but Rufus insists that she stay put, cursing Ken for his misfortune.

Super Street Fighter IV[]

Rufus gets lost on the way to the tournament, and decides that Ken must have somehow set him astray. Rufus and Candy eventually reach a gas station, where Candy gets the attendant to fill the bike while Rufus cools off. Setting out on the road again, Rufus asks Candy where they should go next. Candy suggests that since they're far too hot in this desert, they should head for the North Pole. Rufus enthusiastically agrees.


Rufus's only weakness is the absence of any projectile attack in his arsenal. His moves are damaging, he has high stamina, his combos are easy to perform, he is very quick, and both the Messiah Kick and Galactic Tornado serve as excellent means to overcome his lack of ranged attacks. Not only is he easy to pick up and play, but players aren't forced into a specific role, as Rufus is effective whether played offensively or defensively.


Move Name Input
Vulture Kick Right.png + M kick.png
Glory Kick DR.png + M kick.png
Fragrance Palm Right.png + H punch.png
Falcon Kick Air.pngDR.png + M kick.png
Target Combo L kick.png > Right.png + H kick.png
Head Bazooka Right.png or N + L punch.png + L kick.png
Hand Machinegun Left.png + L punch.png + L kick.png
Galactic Tornado Qcf.png + Punch.png EX.png SC.png
Messiah Kick Qcf.png + Kick.png EX.png
> High Attack L kick.png after Messiah Kick
> Low Attack M kick.png after Messiah Kick
> Mid Attack H kick.png after Messiah Kick
Snake Strike S.png + Punch.png EX.png
Big Bang Typhoon Qcf.png + Punch x3.png
Cross Art: Space Opera Symphony Qcf.png + M punch.png + M kick.png



  • Rufus was nicknamed "the American Dan" by Yoshinori Ono.
  • Rufus is similar and often compared to Tekken's Bob.
    • They are both overweight American fighters who are amazingly fast for their sizes, they both developed their own fighting styles and they both have blond hair, their personalities are different though as Rufus is loud-mouthed, obnoxious and impatient, a contrast to the more calm, serious and focused Bob, whose weight gain was deliberate.
      • The game takes this a step further, featuring a trailer in which Rufus somehow mistakes Bob for Ken and attacks him (which is extremely ironic, given how well Bob and Rufus resemble and contrast each other in design) in Law's restaurant (ironically, it turned out that the real Ken was just eating there with Ryu).
      • Addionally, Rufus and Zangief's ending shows Rufus losing most of his weight (after opening Pandora which causes its energies to take away his obesity) and become skinny, mirroring Bob's ending in Tekken 6 where he loses his weight and becomes skinny as well under mysterious conditions.
    • When asked about comparisons between Rufus and Bob, Ono emphasized that the characters were different in many regards, and while Bob represented a "cool fat guy", Rufus represented a "weird fat guy".
    • Bob can also be customized to resemble Rufus in Tekken 6.
  • Rufus' Swap Costume is based on Tekken character Angel's design.
  • Rufus mistakes all blonde-haired characters in the game, except himself and Lars, for Ken.

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