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Abel Your fighting spirit is pathetic! An impoverished soul will never lay hands upon me!
Akuma Only one can be the true master of the fist!
Alisa You assume the form of a human, but you are nothing but a soulless imitation!
Asuka Challenging me shows your stupidity knows no bounds!
Balrog You think you know power? I will show you true power, worm!
Blanka The fangs of a mere beast could never pierce the Satsui no Hado!
Bob With a body like that, you could never hope to overcome my fists of destruction!
Bryan Even in your madness, you retain enough sense to tremble before my might!
Cammy There is no mercy on the battlefield! Only death for the weak!
Christie Feelings of attachment have no place on the battlefield! Fool!
Chun-Li If you do not fear death, little girl, then I will usher you to hell!
Cody The only thing that awaits a common criminal is a fitting death!
Cole The path of destruction I carve brings even the gods of thunder to their knees!
Dhalsim The flames of a god are powerless before the Satsui no Hado!
Dudley There is no place for rules in a fight to the death!
Elena If you want to listen to something, listen to the screams of those who have died by my hand!
Guile A defensive strategy will get you nowhere! Fall at the hands of a demon!
Guy Such weakness is the pride of Bushinryu?!
Heihachi We're not finished yet! Live up to your reputation, stand up and face me again!
Hugo Only those who are true martial artists should challenge me! You are nothing but a clown!
Hwoarang A dog who only barks deserves to be put down!
Ibuki Challenging me as you did was utter nonsense!
Jack-X A machine could never hope to stand against me!
Jin Your suffering has only just begun!
Julia The power of my Satsui no Hado surpasses all. It is impossible for the likes of you to understand!
Juri You yelp about a true battle to the death... Is that all you've got, little girl?!
Kazuya I will put an end to your arrogance! Know shame in death!
Ken Begone, boy! Your pathetic skills are nothing but a mockery of the Satsui no Hado!
King Prepare yourself for death! I will grind your bones into dust!
Kuma Neither man or beast can dare stand up to the Satsui no Hado!
Kuro Imitators will know only death!
Lars Your hesitation will be your downfall!
Law Disappear from this world forever!
Lei To fight is to know carnage and embrace death. You know nothing.
Lili Leave my sight, girl! Unless you want to be buried here!
M. Bison Your power crumbles before Satsui no Hado! Fool! I will send you to hell again!
Marduk Throw yourself at me with all your might! Everything is powerless against the Satsui no Hado!
Mega Man Coward! What did you hope to accomplish before me?
Nina A battle to the death is not a game! Feel my murderous intentions!
Ogre My fist grows even stronger!
Pac-Man Hades welcomes all.
Paul Your stupidity has prevented you from feeling fear!
Poison Everything crumbles before my fist! You are nothing before me!
Raven Fool, did you think your children's games would work on me?
Rolento Bringing weapons to a fight is the sign of a powerless fool!
Rufus Keep talking, whelp! Hell welcomes you with open gates!
Ryu These fists bring destruction! Show me your true strength!
Sagat Perish as the loser that you are! Your shame knows no bounds!
Sakura Your pitiful imitation of the Satsui no Hado enrages me!
Steve Strike me a thousand times! You cannot even lay a scratch on me!
Toro A beast with the power of Hadoken? Sacrilege!
Vega Spew your nonsense from the afterlife! I have no interest in your idiotic ideals!
Xiaoyu This is the battlefield, a place of suffering and death! It is no place for a spoiled little girl!
Yoshimitsu You couldn't scratch me even with a demonic sword!
Zangief Stand before me, and fall in defeat!









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Abel The truth hurts sometimes, pal. A lot of times, you're better off just not knowing.
Akuma You attack people to make yourself stronger? How lame.
Alisa You couldn't have picked a worse opponent. Just back off before I overload you.
Asuka You should go home. If you still have a hometown to go back to.
Balrog Just charging in blindly... That all you got, pal? You really are dumber than you look.
Blanka Were you affected by the Ray Sphere too?
Bob You're like a walking target. I'd have to try not to hit you.
Bryan I've seen far too many guys like you who live for chaos. You're too dangerous for me to ignore.
Cammy You got in my way. I took you down. That's all there is to it.
Christie Sorry, don't know anything about the guy you're looking for. Good luck searching for him.
Chun-Li The police were never around to help me out when I needed them. So don't butt in now.
Cody If you wanna go back to jail, I'd be more than happy to drop you off.
Cole Just who... who are you? Is this one of Kessler's tricks?
Dhalsim Fire, huh... I could use an ability like that...
Dudley Trying to stick to rules would get you killed in a real fight, pal.
Elena Talking to trees? OK, sister. I've met a lot of weirdos in my day, but...
Guile You're a soldier? Hmph. I guess not even the military can be counted on.
Guy You don't look anything like the ninjas Zeke is always talking about.
Heihachi Stay out of this, pops. Go eat some oatmeal or something.
Hugo The bigger they are, the harder they fall.
Hwoarang There's a big difference between courage and recklessness. You'd do well to learn that.
Ibuki I don't know what job you agreed to, but it's not really working out for you. Go home, kid.
Jack-X Tell your inventor sorry I fried your circuits. You can be fixed, right?
Jin Devil Gene? Man, what's this world coming to...
Julia We don't have any business with each other, so let's just stay out of each other's way.
Juri If you lay a finger on any of my friends, I'll make you suffer. Count on it.
Kazuya Charmed by power, driven mad by it... Chumps like you are a dime a dozen.
Ken I'll never understand you rich guys...
King Can't quite put my finger on it, but there's something different about you...
Kuma Geez... bears... Maybe Zeke can get some use outta his hide at least.
Kuro Zeke, you hear that? That talking and singing? That's a cat. No, I haven't gone bonkers...
Lars If you're gonna leave your house looking like that, than you'd better be prepared to defend yourself.
Law Not interested in circus acts. Take your show on the road.
Lei Some cops aren't half bad. Depending on the situation.
Lili Go home before you get hurt, little girl.
M. Bison The era of cheap movie villains has long since passed.
Marduk Whoa there, stupid, settle down. The harder you charge, the more voltage you eat.
Mega Man You look like your closet threw up on you.
Nina Gonna have to do way better than that if you wanna take me down.
Ogre Just what is this guy? Where's he get his powers from?
Pac-Man Zeke, you gotta get a load of this guy. This kinda stuff is right up your alley.
Paul For a comedy act, you're not half-bad. If you're being serious though... get help.
Poison I don't have time for you. Beat it.
Raven How much do you know? You and me should have a little chat...
Rolento You're no different from a Reaper. Trying to exploit others for your own gain. I don't like it.
Rufus Zeke may run his mouth from time to time, but he's got nothing on you. Shut up already.
Ryu Talk is cheap and meaningless.
Sagat This guy was pretty strong. Not like the random thugs on the street. Definitely different.
Sakura I can't hold back any more than this. You should run along and go back to school.
Steve Did you think my power was just gonna give you a little shock? Thought wrong, huh?
Toro A talking... cat. Huh. Am I still hungover?
Vega Guys like you really piss me off. Get in my way again and I won't hold back.
Xiaoyu If you really wanna protect someone, you need a whole lot more than good intentions.
Yoshimitsu That sword's like a lightning rod. Thanks.
Zangief A little electricity outta loosen you up. Wanna give it a shot?











M. Bison[]

Mega Man[]

Comment 1 There should be a deflector or something somewhere around here...
Comment 2 Hey Roll, did you see that just now? Please tell me someone saw that!
Comment 3 Sorry buddy, but your ship has sailed!
Abel Sorry, I can't loan you my gun. It's really important. What do you even need it for?
Akuma Just barely pulled that one off! Are you the demon that Roll told me about?
Alisa Are you... Do I know you?
Asuka Hey, you're from Japan? Do you happen to have any of their latest cool technology on you?
Balrog Hey hey, I don't have any money! You didn't see any change flying around when you knocked me down, did you?
Blanka Roll says your name is Jimmy, but I saw this movie once and it had this guy named Charlie...
Bob Yeah... you're just too big. It's not good for your health you know.
Bryan Hey man, I don't even know you. Didn't your mother teach you not to randomly pick on people?
Christie Sorry, but I don't know anything about the person you're looking for. Good luck though!
Cole Electric powers... That's crazy man. Where are you keeping your generator? I can't see it...
Cammy You're sure one to talk about people's fashion sense! Uh... um... forget it. I didn't say anything!
Chun-Li Um... I'm not a predator or anything like that. Honest!
Cody Prison clothes? Are you a prisoner? Don't try to take me hostage!
Dhalsim Wh-whoa! What's the deal with those stretchy arms? Roll, I've found a real live alien!
Dudley You're such a ravishing star in the sky of battle... I wish I could be that dashing.
Elena You say I have rhythm? Really? You sure about that?
Guile My affiliation? Um... well... how should I put it? I guess I'm mostly independent?
Guy Are you a real ninja? You don't look like any ninja I've seen on TV and stuff.
Heihachi Heihachi Mishima... I've heard of you. You used to be pretty great.
Hugo Just being big doesn't necessarily make you strong! You think so too, right Roll?
Hwoarang You've got the right attitude, but your skills are quite lacking!
Ibuki First time I've ever seen a real live ninja. You were almost too fast for me...
Jack-X Whoops. I overdid it a bit! I'd better fix him up before his inventor finds out!
Jin Please don't get in my way! I'll be forced to shoot you!
Julia You really pack a punch! Goes to show you can't judge a book by its cover!
Juri Sorry, but I'm used to being bossed around by a scary woman, so I was plenty prepared for you!
Kazuya That power is far too dangerous!
Ken Is that Hadoken some kinda new technology? Mind sharing, maybe?
King Is your back supposed to hurt this much after a pro wrestling match? I think I should see a doctor...
Kuma Are you from Chicago?
Kuro Did that cat just... talk? Hey Roll, I think I'm going crazy over here...
Lars I'm also on a mission! That's why I can't lose! Not here, not now!
Law I like Chinese food sometimes, but trying to use those chopsticks is a real pain in the butt.
Lei Wh-whoops! You're a cop? I thought you were just some dude! Sorry about that! I respect the law...
Lili What a lovely young lady. You should hurry home, your parents must be worried sick about you.
Marduk All the power in the world doesn't matter if you can't hit me!
M. Bison Your weird power won't work on me!
Mega Man Um... Why are there two of me? Roll, is this one of your pranks?
Nina Did I do something to warrant you trying to kill me? I don't think I did...
Ogre Geez, I never wanna do that again!
Pac-Man Are you okay? Hello? Anyone home in there?
Paul Strongest in the universe? Really? Oh no, I believe you. Really.
Poison Um... Should I call an ambulance for you? Roll, would you call an ambulance... what, do it myself?
Raven That's a top-notch Halloween costume! You really do look like a real ninja!
Rolento I'm not gonna join your army! I have my own business to take care of!
Rufus Man, you sure do talk a lot. I would have run out of things to say by now.
Ryu A true martial artist... Man, that sounds kinda rough.
Sagat So you're the king? But I thought you had wavy hair, wore white jumpsuits and danced and stuff...
Sakura Even high school kids have fireballs these days... The times sure are changing.
Steve That was quite a rush! I almost lost that one...
Toro A talking cat... Roll, would you stop it with the pranks already?
Vega It's bad to hurt people like that! No excuses!
Xiaoyu I feel kinda bad about that. Such a bright, cheerful girl, fighting for what she believes in. Sorry 'bout that.
Yoshimitsu Wh-wh-whoa! That sword is dangerous, mister! Put it away at once!
Zangief I like you, young man! Keep working hard for the sake of your country!




Being a determined and very friendly warrior, Ryu is rather nice to all his opponents. Even, to some enemies such as Akuma.

Character Expression Quote
Comment 1 Ryu REGULAR.png Now I'm getting the hang of things.
Comment 2 Ryu REGULAR.png As long as there's still fight in your fists, I'll take you on as many times as you like!
Comment 3 Ryu REGULAR.png These two fists are everything to me!
Abel Icon.png Ryu REGULAR.png Throws and hard-hitting blows are a dangerous combo...but your fundamentals need work.
Akuma Icon.png Ryu HAPPY.png You and I travel down different paths! I will fight you, but on my own terms!
Alisa Icon.png Ryu HAPPY.png I'm not really sure what you are...but thanks for the fight!
Asuka Icon.png Ryu REGULAR.png I'm sure you're going to get stronger and stronger! I look forward to fighting you again one day!
Balrog Icon.png Ryu REGULAR.png You should not fight for fame or fortune, but to better yourself!
Blanka Icon.png Ryu REGULAR.png So this is the power of the wilderness...You've definitely evolved beyond my expectations.
Bob Icon.png Ryu REGULAR.png Your fighting style is really smart! I know a guy who could learn a lot from you!
Bryan Icon.png Ryu REGULAR.png We seek different things from the fight. I doubt we will cross paths again.
Cammy Icon.png Ryu REGULAR.png Your kicks certainly do sting! I'd better be careful next time!
Christie Icon.png Ryu REGULAR.png Focusing on my opponent lets me read their moves. Sorry if you thought I was staring. I wasn't. Really.
Chun Li Icon.png Ryu HAPPY.png Your movements are as polished as ever! I'd better train hard to keep up!
Ryu REGULAR.png You won't beat me relying on just your abilities and weapons. Work on your technique!
Dhalsim Icon.png Ryu REGULAR.png So this is the potential of Yoga...Maybe I should take a training trip to India.
Dudley Icon.png Ryu REGULAR.png Such elegant punches! So nice to finally meet a real boxing champion!
Elena Icon.png Ryu REGULAR.png I'm almost sure I've heard your voice somewhere before...this isn't our first time meeting?
Guile Icon.png Ryu HAPPY.png Your moves are as sharp as ever! How about another round?
Guy Icon.png Ryu REGULAR.png You've got a nice spring in your step! Maybe I should rethink my stance on shoes...
Heihachi Icon.png Ryu REGULAR.png Your strength betrays your age! Is it because your spirit is so fierce?
Hugo Icon.png Ryu REGULAR.png You certainly are...big. But you can't defeat me with just power alone.
Hwoarang Icon.png Ryu REGULAR.png You need to work on your footwork a bit. Too much show and not enough substance.
Ibuki Icon.png Ryu REGULAR.png You're definitely faster than me, but you leave yourself far too open.
Jack-X Icon.png Ryu REGULAR.png I could sense something from you during our fight...As if you had a hidden soul somewhere inside...
Jin Icon.png Ryu HAPPY.png I would never give up, no matter how hopeless things seemed! What are you going to do?
Julia Icon.png Ryu REGULAR.png I'm always happy to cross fists with a fighter who is dedicated to their beliefs.
Juri Icon.png Ryu REGULAR.png If you seek to cause injury to others, in the end you will only hurt yourself. Remember that.
Kazuya Icon.png Ryu SKEPTICAL.png The Devil Gene and Satsui no I wrong in feeling that these two powers are somehow similar?
Ken Icon.png Ryu HAPPY.png This time victory's mine! How's your family doing, by the way?
King Icon.png Ryu REGULAR.png Wrestlers sure do pack a punch. That was a tough match.
Kuma Icon.png Ryu REGULAR.png Great! I haven't had bear stew in a while...
Ryu SKEPTICAL.png Did I just fight a cat?
Lars Icon.png Ryu REGULAR.png You have very strong beliefs. Your fist told me as much.
Law Icon.png Ryu REGULAR.png You run a Chinese restaurant? I'll stop by next time! Hope it's all you can eat!
Lei Icon.png Ryu HAPPY.png What an interesting fighting style. I'm glad I crossed paths with you.
Lili Icon.png Ryu REGULAR.png You came up with your own fighting style? That's really impressive!
M.Bison Icon.png Ryu REGULAR.png My will shall never bend to the forces of evil! Never!
Marduk Icon.png Ryu REGULAR.png Your strength was just as I expected. You punches were heavy, but nothing I couldn't handle.
Ryu REGULAR.png You sure do have some interesting weapons. How did you get them?
Nina Icon.png Ryu REGULAR.png I fight for self-enlightenment. There is no need to take a life for that.
Ogre Icon.png Ryu REGULAR.png Your punches have no power behind them! A fist with no conviction will never reach me!
Ryu REGULAR.png What an odd fellow... The world sure is an interesting place.
Paul Icon.png Ryu REGULAR.png Your goal is to be the best in the universe? I'm looking forward to seeing your progress next time!
Poison Icon.png Ryu REGULAR.png A whip isn't a bad weapon to use in a fight, but the more you wave it around, the easier it is to hit you.
Raven Icon.png Ryu REGULAR.png All I had to do was settle down and ignore your illusions. After that, it was pretty easy to read you!
Rolento Icon.png Ryu REGULAR.png Winning isn't everything. It's all about what you take away from a fight.
Rufus Icon.png Ryu REGULAR.png Ah, you know Ken? If there's anything you want me to tell him I'll be sure to pass it along.
Ryu Icon.png Ryu REGULAR.png The first step into becoming a true martial artist is knowing your own strengths and weaknesses.
Sagat Icon.png Ryu HAPPY.png This is just the beginning of a long rivalry, Sagat! We can help to make each other stronger!
Sakura Icon.png Ryu HAPPY.png You're going to catch up to me in no time. But I won't make it easy on you!
Steve Icon.png Ryu REGULAR.png You're still a bit rough, but you have great potential! Thanks for the nice fight!
Ryu SKEPTICAL.png This cat can throw Hadokens...?! Just what in the...?
Vega Icon.png Ryu REGULAR.png You're arrogance cost you this time. All your moves were very predictable.
Xiaoyu Icon.png Ryu REGULAR.png Stay true to your feelings and you'll find true strength.
Yoshimitsu Icon.png Ryu REGULAR.png This is the cursed sword I've heard so much about. There's definitely something sinister about it.
Zangief Icon.png Ryu HAPPY.png That was a great fight! It looks like you finally come up with a way to get past my Hadoken!






  • It is possible that Ryu might find an attraction to Christie as states "Focusing on my opponent lets me read their moves. Sorry if you thought I was staring. I wasn't. Really!"