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Seasoned Detective
Full Name Lei Wulong
Nationality Chinese
Gender Male
Race Human
Relationships Bryan (rival)
Steve (best friend)
Fighting Style 5 Form Kung Fu
Zui Quan (drunken fist)
Occupation Police Detective
Debut Tekken 2
Tag Partner Christie
"I guess I found the right suspect."

Lei is a character from Namco's Tekken series who appears as a DLC character in Street Fighter X Tekken.


A detective with the Hong Kong international police force, known as "Super Cop". He has a keen sense of justice and is also a highly competent investigator. However, due to his carefree attitude, he has a large number of unsolved cases.


Lei is a dedicated and proud cop, he is a very respectful, kind, and heroric person, for his arch enemies, he has a stern and direct approach to their arrest. Although he can be very clumsy, his intentions are always vitreous in nature as a cop.


Tekken 2[]

During his time as one of the most respected cops in Hong Kong. Lei created his own version of Kong-Fu, using it to battle evil. A number of murders lead to the investigation of Kazuya, a man who possesses the Devil Gene within his blood, as he was linked to illegal transactions across the globe. But he lost his memories from an airplane crash and starting working for Kazuya himself. He vowed to track down Kazuya and his operations and retrieve Bruce. To father his inquiry, he enters the second Rave War.

Tekken 3[]

19 years have passed, he has become feared by even the most powerful of crime organizations. Falling within H jurisdiction are the strange disappearances of many warriors, Lei was visited by the man who was the father of Kazuya, Heihachi Mishima. He asked the cop to enter the King of Iron Fist tournament 3, Lei wondered why he would asked him that. He still entered anyway.

Tekken 4[]

Lei botched an operation to bring a crime syndicate to justice. However, Lei failed to capture the agent of the syndicate, who would have enabled the police to take down the syndicate's boss. This failure cost the police force two years worth of intense undercover investigations, rival detectives who were jealous of Lei's stellar case record saw this as an opportunity to damage his career as an officer of the law, unknown to Lei himself, the rivals reported to his superiors. He would be on a one month suspension from from active duty.

During his suspension, Lei had learned from an informant that the syndicate hired an assassin for a hit on a famous boxer. Lei believed that he could gain such information from the boxer about this syndicate. If all went as planned, he could.capture this assassin and establish a plausible connection between the assassin and the syndicate. Lei reasoned that this would aid efforts to bring the syndicate down. Lei entered the Tournament with the hope of redeeming his honor.

Tekken 5[]

Lei once again made headlines after arresting several members of the Syndicate at the close of the King of Iron Fist Tournament 4. Lei soon became interested in a string of attacks on martial arts training halls throughout China and started an investigation into the matter. Among the victims were several renowned Kung Fu masters that Lei knew personally. Lei poured all of his effort into the investigation but the attacks stopped abruptly and the trail went cold. One day, Lei received a report that several similar attacks had occurred on dojos in Japan. It was then that Lei began to suspect the events were linked and that the perpetrator (Feng Wei) would surely be at the King of Iron Fist Tournament 5.

Tekken 6[]

In pursuit of Feng Wei for his criminal offenses, the military sends Lei to Japan. As the trail for Feng Wei is unsuccessful, Lei is helpless, and he returns to Hong Kong. With China in utter chaos and riots happening frequently, Lei grew impatient. Lei knew the true reason for the riots were cause of the Mishima Zaibatsu. In an attempt to arrest Jin Kazama, Lei enters The King of Iron Fist Tournament 6.




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