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The Righteous Boxer
Full Name Dudley
Birthdate January 27
Nationality English
Gender Male
Race Human
Relationships Elena (friend)
Fighting Style Boxing
Occupation Professional Boxer
Debut Street Fighter III
Vitality ???
Tag Partner Elena
"Giving it your all, is the mark of a true champion."

Dudley is a character from Capcom's Street Fighter series who appears as a DLC character in Street Fighter X Tekken.


A proud English gentleman with a perfectly groomed moustache. After his father's business went bankrupt and he lost everything, he put forth a tremendous amount of effort and fortitude to become a heavyweight boxer, and successfully recouped all of his father's assets.


Dudley is a well-built black Briton, sporting a pair of green dinner suit trousers, with matching green suspenders and cummerbund, as well as a white dress shirt, green bow tie, and elegant black dress shoes. His muscular frame is visible even through his clothing. He keeps his black hair tidy while grooming his mustache into an old-fashioned handlebar style.

He fights with a pair of blue boxing gloves, which he never seems to take off, wearing them when reading his newspaper, tending his roses, drinking his tea, driving his Jaguar, and even when fixing his mustache.



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