trisha Costume Swapping (also known as Swap Costumes) is when characters from Street Fighter and Tekken overgo a costume from the opposing universe.

Street Fighter Edit

Image Character Character Swap Description
Abel Armor K Abel Armor King Rumor has it that in the hopes of one day stepping into the ring with Armor King, Abel puts in a special order for a new costume.
Akuma Heiachi Akuma Heihachi While training under a waterfall, Akuma somehow takes on the appearance of Heihachi...
Balrog Steve Balrog Steve Rumor has it that after defeating Steve in a fight, Balrog decided to dress up as him to further mock his fallen adversary.
Blanka as Hwoarang Blanka Hwoarang After a fight with Hwoarang, the two become friends. Rumor has it that Blanka decided to get some matching clothes as a token of appreciation.
Cammy King Cammy King Cammy shows off her love of cats with this leopard motif costume. It would seem that Cammy has become one of King's fans...
Chun Li Panda Chun-Li Panda The First Lady of Fighting shows off a softer side with this adorable panda outfit. Fans of Chun-Li and pandas won't want to miss out!
Cody as Paul Cody Paul Phoenix Rumor has it that Cody beat Paul in a money match, but after Paul came up short on funds he was forced to pay with the shirt off his back.
Dhalsim Jipachi Dhalsim Jinpachi Rumor has it that the spirit of Heihachi's father, Jinpachi Mishima, reaches out to Dhalsim, Dhalsim himself undergoes a transformation as he channels the legendary warrior.
Dudley as Tiger Jackson Dudley Tiger Jackson Rumor has it that this was a present from a certain dancing Tiger. Dudley was reluctant, but it would be rude not to accept such a thoughtful gift.
Elena as Julia Elena Julia Rumor has it that Elena met Julia during the latter's reforestation activities. The two became good friends, and Julia gave Elena these clothes as a present.
Guile Jack Guile Jack-X Rumor has it the military has been working together with G Corp. to develop a stronger, faster Guile based on Jack-X...?!
Guy as Kazuya Guy Kazuya Rumor has it that Guy disguised himself as Kazuya in order to infiltrate the G Corporation.
Hugo Ganyru Hugo Ganryu Rumor has it that during a recent trip to Japan, Hugo becomes friends with the retired sumo wrestler Ganryu. Hugo decided to give sumo a try, and this is his wrestling outfit. Check out Hugo's new hairstyle!
Ibuki Manji Ibuki Kunimitsu Ibuki's latest assignment has her joining the Manji Clan. She's added an accessory to the outfit to remind her of Don-chan.
Juri Zafina Juri Zafina Rumor has it that after defeating Zafina who was sent to assissinate her, Juri took on her appearance in order to infiltrate the enemy camp.
Ken Lars Ken Lars Ken dresses as his son's favorite Super Hero, Bokori Man. But, there's a striking resemblence to Lars...?!
M Bison Bryan M. Bison Bryan Rumor has it that Bison became intrigued by Bryan's unique abilities. Taking over his body, the results...?!
Poison Devil Poison Devil A transformation brought about by the devil gene has lured out Poison's wild side.
Rolento Raven Rolento Raven Rumor has it that as a first step to creating his utopia, Rolento planned a takover of Raven's organization. Although he was successful, a subsequent restrucuring resulted in Rolento becoming a minor agent.
Rufus Angel Rufus Angel Somewhere within a dream, Rufus dances with the angels among the clouds...
Ryu Devil J Ryu Devil Jin Rumor has it that after becoming dreched in blood during a fight with Devil Jin, Ryu is transformed by the Devil Gene.
Sagat Dragunov Sagat Dragunov Rumor has it that Sagat defeated Dragunov, who had come to assissinate him. Sagat took his uniform as a token of his victory.
Sakura as Asuka Sakura Asuka In order to attend a cultural festival at Asuka's school, Sakura borrows one of their uniforms.
Vega Yoshimitsu Vega Yoshimitsu Vega, interested in Japan, the birthplace of the ninja, fashioned himself a new mask based on the Manji Clan. Of course, he also had to come up with some new threads to match.
Zangief Kuma Zangief Kuma Many people didn't believe Zangief when he said he trained by wrestling bears. He made this outfit to prove them wrong.

Tekken Edit

Image Character Character Swap Description
Alisa as Juri Alisa Juri Rumor has it that after hearing that Juri is working together with M.Bison, Alisa disguised herself as Juri in the hopes of getting to the bottom of Shadaloo's recent activities.
Asuka Ibuki Asuka Ibuki For a work-study program at school, Asuka was sent to a certain ninja village. Does Asuka have what it takes to learn the ninja arts from Ibuki?!
Bob Ryu Bob Ryu Rumor has it that Bob was impressed by Ryu's never-ending dedication to the fight. He decided to pay the original world warrior his respects with a special outfit.
Bryan as Urien Bryan Urien Rumor has it that with his powers and abilities being recognized by Urien, the second in command of a mysterious organization, Bryan is brought into their ranks.
Christie as Juli Christie Juli Brainwashed by M.Bison, the leader of Shadaloo, Christie becomes a member of Bison's special bodyguard unit, The Dolls...
Heihachi Sodom Heihachi Sodom Rumor has it that Heihachi taught Sodom, formerly of the Mad Gear Gang, how to truly appreicate Japanese culture. As a sign of thanks, Sodom sent him this outfit.
Hworang DeeJay Hwoarang Dee Jay Rumor has it that after listening to Dee Jay's newest single, Hwoarang has become a huge fan. He gets the clothes and the hair to match!
Jack as E. Honda Jack-X E. Honda Rumor has it that to gain more information about the sumo style of fighting, JACK-X decides to enter the sumo world. He tries to dress for the part, but somehow this makes him even more conspicuous!
Jin C Viper Jin C. Viper Rumor has it that the mysterious agent C. Viper was investigating the Mishima Zaibatsu when she was captured. Jin took an intrest in her battle suit and had the Mishima Zaibatsu fashion one for him for his personal use.
Julia Chun Li Julia Chun-Li Rumor has it that Julia and Chun-Li became friends through studying Chinese kempo together. Chun-Li gave Julia these clothes as a gift.
Kazuya Guile Kazuya Guile Rumor has it that in order to discover Guile's secrets, Kazuya plotted to take over a certain country's air force. However, things didn't quit go as planned as ended up becoming a regular soilder.
King Alex King Alex Rumor has it that while teaming up with the up and coming martial artist Alex, King put in a special order for some new threads.
Kuma R Mika Kuma R. Mika Word on the street is that Kuma has joined R. Mika's wrestling league. Apparently this was the only costume that could fit him!
Lars as Geki Lars Geki Rumor has it that after defeating a ninja named Geki who had come to take his life, Lars decided to don his outfit and try to infiltrate his organization.
Law El Fuerte Law El Fuerte Rumor has it that Law's resturant engaged in a bitter rivalry with El Fuerte's, Law decided to up the ante by becoming the masked Chinese Martial Artist.
Lei as Dan Lei Dan Hibiki Upon hearing about the activities of a suspicious individual, apparently Lei disguised himself as that man in order to sneak into his Hong Kong dojo. ...The pink unexpectedly suits him.
Lili Poison Lili Poison Rumor has it that in order to avoid her father's vigilat surveillance, Lili took on a different look. However, she's taken a liking to this outfit...which bears a striking resemblence to Poison...
Marduk Hugo Marduk Hugo Rumor has it that while teaming up with Hugo, Marduk decided a slight wardrobe change was in order.
Nina Rolento Nina Rolento Rumor has it that Nina might be working for...Rolento's army?!
Ogre Gill Ogre Gill Rumor has it that Ogre obtained power from Gill, leader of the secret organization. The power has transformed him...
Paul Rufus Paul Rufus Rumor has it that Paul became friends with Rufus due to their love of motorcylcles. Rufus gave him these clothes for his next ride.
RAven Guy Raven Guy Rumor has it that Raven impersonated Guy in order to infiltrate the Bushinryu dojo and learn its secrets.
Steve Charlie Steve Charlie Rumor has it that after a bout a few years ago, Steve recieved a present from a friend of Guile's who was deeply impressed with his boxing style.
Xiaoyu Chun Li Xiaoyu Chun-Li Rumor has it that when Chun-Li came to arrest Jin, Xiaoyu gelt jealous and insecure compared to the more mature Chun-Li. She took on a new look to prove that she can be just as appealing as the interpol detective.
Yoshimitsu M Bison Yoshimitsu M. Bison Rumor has it that after defeating Bison in a fight, Yoshimitsu took the Psycho Power as his own.


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