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Hero or Infamous
Full Name Cole MacGrath
Birthdate 27 (Born 1984)
Nationality American
Gender Male
Race Human/Conduit
Relationships Zeke (Best friend)
Trish (girlfriend, deceased) 
Fighting Style Brawling, Electrokinesis

Bike Courier (formerly)

Debut inFamous (2009)
Vitality 750
"So you're the one standing in my way."

Cole MacGrath is the main hero of the 2009 video game, inFamous, as well as its 2011 sequel, inFamous 2, developed by Sucker Punch Productions. He is a Conduit that possesses electrokinetic super powers. He appears as guest character in Street Fighter X Tekken being exclusive of the PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita versions of the game. However, he has no actual story mode in this game. He appears in his New Marais costume, armed with the Amp from inFamous 2.

Height: 182 Weight : 86-92


In a flash, Cole became a man with the power to wield electricity. Able to fire electric-based attacks from his hands, this hero is shrouded in a tempest of electricity, and can mow down anyone who opposes him.


Cole wears a simple black and yellow t-shirt, paired with black cargo pants that has a white Union Jack design on its right leg, this time spanning his entire leg. Cole has a simple brown/orange backpack where his melee weapon (the Amp) is being kept on a strap attached to his bag. Cole also has tattoos on his arms, that change corresponding to his Karmic state. Cole also has a scar on the right side of his face some time after dealing with Kessler, and wears sports shoes ('tabi boots') specifically for parkour.


Cole is a confident young man who takes on most challenges without a second thought. He is sarcastic, laid back yet adventures, quick tempered, rebellious and fearless. Many of his choices are dependent on the player in the inFAMOUS games, but in the canon story line, he is a heroic defender who helps out when he can, and is very selfless. He's rough around the edges, but a loyal comrade.



Cole lived in Empire City for most of his life. He has visited New Marais during his parkour training, taking advantage of the fact the city was mostly abandoned after a massive flood. He dropped out of college to become a bike courier.


During one of Cole's deliveries, he receives a call from a man named Kessler, asking Cole to open the package. Cole did as he was told and opened the package, revealing the Ray Sphere. It immediately activated, resulting in a devastating explosion that destroyed several blocks and killed several civilians. Cole awoke, and slowly made his way out of the blast zone, but succumbed to his injuries, and fainted. Cole was then brought to the hospital by Trish and Zeke. Cole awakened days later to discover that he possessed electrokinesis, and gradually learned to control his new powers.

Empire city had been put into quarantine after a plague struck the city, allowing various gangs to take control of the city. Cole was blamed for causing the explosion, causing the citizens to turn against Cole. Cole and Zeke attempted to escape past the quarantine using Cole's new powers, but they were overwhelmed by military units and were almost killed. Zeke escaped, but Cole was caught by an FBI agent named Moya Jones, who made a deal with Cole: to let him past the quarantine if he returned to Empire City to help recover the Ray Sphere, the device that triggered the explosion, as well as find her supposed husband and fellow agent, John White, who had been investigating the Ray Sphere and its creator, the cult group First Sons. Cole agreed and returned to the city. With Zeke's help, Cole battles the gangs of Empire City, the Reapers & Dustmen.

Eventually Cole comes in contact with John, who reveals Alden has the Ray Sphere, and that he and Moya were not married or worked together. Cole and Zeke went to destroy the Ray Sphere, but Alden and Kessler appears. Zeke activates the Ray Sphere hoping to gain powers, but nothing happens. Kessler tells Zeke he can help, and convinces Zeke to join him, leaving Cole stunned. Cole eventually hunts down Alden and defeats him, and in the process finds himself back at the Historic District, now under control of the First Sons.

Kessler kidnaped Trish, and forced Cole to choose between saving her or 6 six doctors. Cole chose to save the doctors, causing Kessler to kill Trish. Cole and John managed to destroy the Ray Sphere, but John died in the process. Kessler asked Cole to meet him at Ground Zero for a final fight that Cole won, causing Kessler reveal his secrets to Cole. Kessler IS Cole from a different timeline; he came from the future after The Beast kills all of humanity, including his family. He seized control of the First Sons, delveloped the ray sphere earlier, and tracked down Cole to prepare him to fight the Beast, going to extremes and even killing Trish, so he can make decisions that no one else could. With Cole now possessing knowledge of this, he'll be ready when the Beast comes.

inFamous 2[]

In the sequel, Cole was contacted NSA agent Lucy Kuo who tells them she can lead them to Dr. Sebastian Wolfe, a scientist who worked on the development of the Ray Sphere which granted Cole his powers, and who claims he can make Cole even stronger. As they are about to leave, they are confronted by the Beast. Cole fights the Beast but proves to be no match and is severely weakened as a result. Cole, Zeke and Kuo escape to New Marais to find Wolfe while the Beast pursues them, completely wiping out Empire City and destroying everything in its path.

In New Marais, they find the city under the control of wealthy industrialist Joseph Bertrand III and his anti-conduit militia. Aware of Cole's arrival and abilities, Bertrand wages a propaganda campaign against him. Before Cole can meet Wolfe, his lab is destroyed, spreading Blast Shards across the city. Wolfe survives the explosion and explains to Cole that by finding and absorbing the power of the Blast Cores he can boost his powers to a point where he can activate the RFI (Ray Field Inhibitor) which would allow him to defeat the Beast. Wolfe is captured by the Militia and a rescue attempt fails, resulting in Wolfe's death and Kuo's capture. Cole and Zeke meet two new allies: Laroche, leader of an anti-militia resistance group, and Nix, a Conduit who dwells in the swamp. Together they locate Kuo trapped in a facility where she has been infused with ice-based abilities. Cole frees her but inadvertently unleashes an army of mercenaries also imbued with ice-powers.

Cole and his allies attack Bertrand's operations before eventually learning that Bertrand is himself a Conduit, able to transform into a building-sized monster and convert humans into monstrosities. In the past, he had used a Ray Sphere to gain abilities, believing himself destined for greatness. The activated Ray Sphere kills many but also grants Nix her abilities. Disgusted by the powers he receives and now believing Conduits to be evil, he attempts to incite a Conduit genocide using the power of the Conduit mercenaries he helped develop to instill fear in the populace. Meanwhile he uses his monsters to justify the protection of his militia to New Marais. Cole and his allies eventually coax Bertrand into again transforming, where he loses self control. Cole is able to kill Bertrand, ending his plan.

During this time, the Beast has arrived in New Marais. While on recon Cole encounters John White, an NSA agent who had seemingly died in a Ray Sphere explosion in Empire City. John reveals himself as the Beast. He shows Cole that a plague, created when the Ray Sphere was first activated in Empire City to empower Cole, has been spreading across the country. The plague is killing humans but Conduits are immune, and John is using his powers to find and empower potential Conduits, sparing them at the cost of countless human lives each time. Believing humanity is lost, John implores Cole to help him find and convert the Conduits so that some may survive. After finding all of the Blast Cores, Cole prepares to activate the RFI. However, he learns that the device will not just weaken the Beast but kill all Conduits, but it could also nullify the Ray Sphere radiation, ending the plague. The story diverges from this point dependent on whether the player chooses to activate the RFI, sacrificing Cole and thousands of Conduits but saving millions of humans, including Zeke who has contracted the plague, or work with the Beast to save the Conduits while the rest of humanity will perish.

Since the good choices are canon ,Cole chooses to save humanity, Kuo leaves to join the Beast. While Cole and Zeke attempt to fully charge the RFI, the Beast begins his attack. Laroche and many of his men die in the battle and Cole is forced to fight Kuo. Nix sacrifices her life to weaken the Beast and give Cole more time. With the RFI fully charged, Kuo apologizes to Cole, admitting she joined the Beast out of fear of dying. Cole admits he too is afraid but activates the RFI. In the aftermath, the plague is wiped out and humanity is saved, but the Conduits, even non-activated ones carrying the Conduit gene, die. Aware of Cole's actions, the people of New Marais revere him as "The Patron Saint of New Marais". Zeke takes Cole's body offshore in a boat to bid him farewell in private, positing that Conduits are no different than humans as no one had more humanity than Cole. The scene ends with a lightning bolt striking the sea in the distance.


In Street Fighter X Tekken, Cole exclusively uses his electrical powers. He can throw electric grenades, knock away opponents with a shock wave, can leap into the air and charge with electricity as he lands back onto the ground, creating an explosion around him, can grab opponents attempting to jump over him with his lightning hook, and, with enough power, can unleash the ionic vortex, a tornado that either grabs the opponent if it connects or knocks them back if they run into it after activation.



Move Name Input
Roll Attack Right.png+H punch.png
Slide DR.png+M kick.png
Sliding Combo DR.png+M kick.png,H punch.png
Amp Combo Qcf.png+Punch.png
>Follow Up Punch.png (Can be performed two times)
Lightning Hook S.png+Punch.png
Shock Grenade Qcb.png+Punch.png
Thunder Drop Hcf.png+Kick.png
Shock Wave Hcb.png+Kick.png SC.png
Ionic Vortex Hcb.png+Kick x3.png



  • Cole's self in this game is his Neutral self.
  • Cole is the only character in the game who is voiced only in English. Every other character is voiced in both English and Japanese, with some exceptions like Yoshimitsu who is only voiced in Japanese, or Ogre, who is not voiced at all, much like the other animal voice characters like King and Kuma, due to alien language.
    • However, he does have a Japanese voice actor outside this game, as to why Capcom didn't have his Japanese voice actor in the game remained unknown.
  • Cole, Toro and Kuro are the only characters that have no story, as they are unplayable in Arcade Mode.
  • Cole is the only PS3 exclusive character that does not have a special theme music.
  • When Cole enters into Pandora Mode, he will glow bright red instead of purple. This is a homage to inFAMOUS's Karma system, where Cole's lightning powers will glow blue if he does heroic things, otherwise it'll glow red if does evil deeds. He even yells "Karmic Overload" after activating it. Karmic Overload is a power in InFamous that gives Cole unlimited energy for a short time.
    • It could be implied that Cole becomes his evil counterpart if he uses Pandora, since his electrical attacks become red and since he is willing to sacrifice his partner in order to win the battle.
  • Most of Cole's powers appear from inFamous 2, though the Lightning Hook wasn't a power normally available to Cole in the game. It was a DLC power.
    • However, a similar ability known as the Lightning Tether is available on the game's disc.
  • Cole, like a few other Street Fighter characters, hasn't had any formal training in fighting.
    • Guile, Sagat, Ryu, Dudley, and Guy's win quotes against Cole refer to him as an amateur or have them insisting that he shouldn't just rely on his electical abilities.
  • Cole's win quote against Blanka has him wondering if Blanka was affected by the Ray Sphere, the device which gave Cole his powers, considering both can use electricity.
    • Sakura's win quote against Cole has her wondering if he lived in the jungle, since that's how Blanka acquired his electrical powers.
  • Cole's win quote against Dhalsim has him stating that he could use fire, which was one of two new elements that Cole could control in inFamous 2, while in his Evil Karma state.
  • Cole's Good self appears as his alternate color scheme, and he can be customized to make him look like his Evil self from inFamous 2.
  • It is unknown in which side Cole is supposed to be, Street Fighter or Tekken. In the character select screen, Street Fighter portraits have blue borders, Tekken portraits have red borders, but Cole's portrait is grey. When activating Cross Assault as Cole, it will always play the Street Fighter/Tekken Cross Assault music regardless of which side his partner is from, and the Street Fighter/Tekken victory music is always played when he wins. However, in Trial mode, Ryu appears as his dummy.
  • Cole also appears in another crossover game called PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale.

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