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Fallen Hero
Full Name Cody Travers
Birthdate April 4
Nationality American
Gender Male
Race Human

Guy (friend)
Mike Haggar (friend)

Poison (rival)

Fighting Style Street Fighting
Occupation Prisoner
Debut Final Fight
Vitality ???
Tag Partner Guy
"Man, what a drag... Why can't ya leave me alone?"

Cody is a character from Capcom's Final Fight series who appears as a DLC character in Street Fighter X Tekken.


A hero of Metro City, known for helping (along with Guy and Mike Haggar) to bring about the fall of Mad Gear. However, after he went on a reckless street rampage to save his girlfriend and destroy Mad Gear's resurrection, as well as being framed for Poison's crimes by a corrupt cop, Edi. E, he ended up being imprisoned.

He now lives a self-indulgent life and enjoys breaking out of prison whenever he wants to in order to satisy his boredom with fights, or so he claims. In actuallity, it's just an excuse to keep helping people even though he doesn't consider himself a hero anymore. He keeps his cuffs on to make fights more of a challenge, but finds he rarely has to fight at full strength even with that limitation. While most deam Cody a coward for running away from his problems, others like Yoshimitsu only sense a kind, devout heart that yearns to help others.


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