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The Heavyweight Bounty Hunter
Full Name Robert Richards
Nationality American
Gender Male
Race Human
Relationships Lars (Mistook him for a kidnapper once)
Alisa (Tried to save her from Lars)
Fighting Style Freestyle Karate
Occupation Bounty Hunter
Debut Tekken 6
Weight 1,060
Tag Partner Julia
"Check out the perfect fighter."

Robert "Bob" Richards is a character from the Tekken series who made his debut in Tekken 6. Bob is a renowned martial arts prodigy from the USA.


A man renowned as a bounty hunter who developed his body to immense proportions in order to fight larger opponents. While others vehemently disagree, Bob believes that he now has the "perfect body".


Although large in size, Bob is a very swift and agile character. He sports a red dress-shirt with blue suspenders, black shoes, and black-lace gloves. He also sports short blonde hair, blue eyes, and a goatee.


Although he is incredibly smug and stoic, Bob is a gentle and kind-hearted man who fights for justice and peace. It is also hinted in his and Julia's cinematic ending that he has affections for her declining his reward money to win her affections while stating "The journey itself was sort of a reward. That's more than enough for me.".



Heralded as a master of the martial arts from a young age, Bob's chiseled body and handsome face gained him many fans, but he couldn't win against larger opponents. In order to devise a special training regiment that increasesd power and weight while maintaining agility, he vanished from the public eye.

Tekken 6[]

After years of training, Bob returned. Those who knew him before were astonished and disappointed at his transformation. His handsome looks were gone, and he appeared to have just gotten fat, but he was very proud that he had attained a body with the perfect balance of speed, power and weight.

After the tournament, Bob became a worldwide sensation. His schedule was filled with TV and magazine interviews, with his training secrets becoming unearthed. One day he awakes to the horror that all of his famous weight vanished.


"Man, you're just like school in the summer. No class!"


Move Name Input
Double Chapati Air.pngH kick.png > H kick.png
Gaufrettes Cutter M kick.png > M punch.png > H punch.png
Gaufrettes Kick M kick.png > M kick.png > H kick.png
Gaufrettes Punch M kick.png > H punch.png
One Two Punch L punch.png > Left.png + M punch.png
Fat Break L punch.png > Left.png + M punch.png > L punch.png + M punch.png
Course Picante L punch.png > L kick.png > L kick.png
Contorno Farce Down.png + H kick.png > H kick.png > H kick.png
Belly attack Right.png or N + L punch.png + L kick.png
Quarter Deck Left.png + L punch.png + L kick.png
Giga Jacker Qcf.png + Punch.png EX.png SC.png
Spinner Ball Hcf.png + Kick.png EX.png
> Lyonnaise Break Punch.png during Spinner Ball
> Perfect Press Kick.png during Spinner Ball
> Belly Flop Down.png + Kick.png during Spinner Ball
Cracker S.png + Punch.png EX.png
> Cake Punch.png during Cracker
> Cracker Jacker Kick.png during Cracker
Special Step S.png + Kick.png EX.png
> Langue Washer L punch.png during Special Step
> Spiral Rocky M punch.png during Special Step
> Granchi Cannon L punch.png + M punch.png during Special Step
> Apres Sweep L kick.png during Special Step
> > Cutting Coppa L punch.png + M punch.png during Apres Sweep
Giga Meteor Qcf.png + Punch x3.png
Cross Art Qcf.png + M punch.png + M kick.png

<a href="./File:Bob's_Super_Art_and_Cross_Assault_in_Street_Fighter_X_Tekken"> Bob's_Super_Art_and_Cross_Assault_in_Street_Fighter_X_Tekken </a>



  • Bob is described as "a freestyle karate practitioner from the U.S." by Tekken producer Katsuhiro Harada. Freestyle Karate originated from America and it is a generic term regarding a system of techniques based on numerous traditional styles of Karate while not following the restricting philosophies of each respective styles. The fighting style can also possibly be derived from Martial art-based acrobatic sport such as "Tricking".
  • As shown in his Tekken 6 story, the main reason Bob gains weight is to win against large opponents.
  • Street Fighter's Rufus is similar and often compared to Bob.
    • They are both overweight American fighters who are amazingly fast for their sizes, they both developed their own fighting styles and they both have blond hair, their personalities are different though as Rufus is loud-mouthed, obnoxious and impatient, a contrast to the more calm, serious and focused Bob, whose weight gain was deliberate.
      • The game takes this a step further, featuring a trailer in which Rufus somehow mistakes Bob for Ken and attacks him (which is extremely ironic, given how well Bob and Rufus resemble and contrast each other in design) in Law's restaurant (ironically, it turned out that the real Ken was just eating there with Ryu).
      • Addionally, Rufus and Zangief's ending shows Rufus losing most of his weight (after opening Pandora which causes its energies to take away his obesity) and become skinny, mirroring Bob's ending in Tekken 6 where he loses his weight and becomes skinny as well under mysterious conditions.
    • Bob can also be customized to resemble Rufus in Tekken 6.
  • Bob's Swap Costume is Ryu's outfit.
  • Bob's occupation as a bounty hunter in this game is not something he is in the Tekken series. 

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