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This article is about the American boxer. If you are looking for the Spanish clawfighter known as "Balrog" in Japan, see Vega.

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Violent Boxer
Birthdate September 4
Nationality American
Gender Male
Race Human
Relationships M. Bison (boss)
Fighting Style Street Boxing
Occupation Shadoloo Enforcer
Debut Street Fighter II
Vitality 1,050
Tag Partner Vega
"You're dead already!"

Balrog (Mike Bison in Japan) is a villian from the Street Fighter series, first appearing as a sub-boss in Street Fighter II. He is based on Mike Tyson, and has become a very well known Street Fighter villian.


With frightening punching power, Balrog pounds his opponents until they are no longer able to stand up. A top level member of Shadaloo, he is a belligerent man with a vicious mean streak, and is obsessed with money. He has a real hatred for his fellow Shadaloo member, Vega, and the feeling is most certainly mutual. However, under orders from M. Bison to retrieve Pandora, him and Vega travel to Antarctica.


Balrog is a heavily built, very muscular boxer. He wears blue boxing trunks with white trim and a torn white shirt under a blue tank top. He wears red boxing gloves and boxing shoes. He lacks a canine tooth in the upper right side of his mouth and his hairstyle consists of short hair in what appears to be wide cornrows - this hairstyle is similar to Mike Tyson's haircuts from the time Street Fighter II was made. In certain illustrations, his Japanese name, "Bison", can be seen on the waistband of his trunks, although it's usually removed when these illustrations are published outside Japan. In Street Fighter IV, the word "Champion" appears in its place.


Balrog is a self-centered, hot-tempered, arrogant, flippant, self-seeking and sadistic pugilist who possesses an insatiable urge for money. His main reasons and motivation for joining Shadaloo and M. Bison throughout the Street Fighter series have always been to attain massive wealth, fame and glory so he can be on easy street for life. For that motivation alone, Balrog would cheat, steal or even kill to accomplish this. Balrog doesn't acknowledge honor, and has intentionally cheated in fights whenever he felt like it. He even accidentally killed one of his opponents once.


Rising from a childhood of poverty, Balrog was once a great boxing champion and prize fighter. He was banned from boxing for permanently injuring his opponents and accidentally killing one, so he joined the Shadaloo criminal organization, and worked his way up from the bottom, eventually becoming M. Bison's enforcer.

Street Fighter Alpha 3[]

While running errands for Bison, he killed Dhalsim's elephant with a single Gigaton Punch. In one mission, Balrog was sent to terminate Birdie. Although he did not know why, Balrog went anyway. Birdie told him about the Psycho Drive, and Balrog agreed to help him find it, thinking he could make money from it. When the Psycho Drive exploded, Balrog realized that he had not been paid recently.

Street Fighter II[]

When Bison was killed at the hands of Akuma, ownership of Shadaloo was transferred to the former prize fighter. Unfortunately, he ended up running the entire organization into the ground in no time. After the fall of Shadaloo, Balrog was back on the streets.

Street Fighter IV[]

When Bison makes his return with the construction of his new body, Balrog is immediately brought back into the organization, hired by Bison to guard his replacement bodies, which Balrog refers to as "dolls". Balrog is not satisfied with this, however, and forms a new get-rich-quick scheme. He and Vega manage to make their way into the S.I.N. building. While looking for anything he could sell, he stumbled across a young, bandaged girl begging for help. Balrog is resistant, until a mark in the shape of the Shadaloo symbol begins to glow on the child's hand. Realizing the child could hold some valuable secrets, Balrog takes the girl away. However, when he questions the child on what powers she has, the child reveals that by herself, she is powerless. Disappointed, Balrog says the girl is worthless. Nevertheless, Balrog remains optimistic that the girl will be valuable later.


"I love bashing in skulls! Where's the next victim? HA HA HA HA HA!"


Move Name Input
Head Bomber Right.png or N + L punch.png + L kick.png
Lever Break Left.png + L punch.png + L kick.png
Dash Straight C back.pngRight.png + Punch.png EX.png SC.png
Dash Low Straight C back.pngDR.png + Punch.png EX.png
Dash Upper C back.pngRight.png + Kick.png EX.png SC.png
Dash Low Smash C back.pngDR.png + Kick.png EX.png
Dash Swing Blow C back.pngDR.png + Hold Kick.png EX.png
Buffalo Head CDU.png + Punch.png EX.png
Turn Punch Hold Punch x3.png or Kick x3.png and release
Crazy Buffalo C back.pngRight.png + Punch x3.png or Kick x3.png
Cross Art: Dirty Bull Qcf.png + M punch.png + M kick.png


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